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What's the best way to meet?

January 30, 2014
Dear Friends,

I’m passing through a number of cities and want to meet people like local JIR subscribers and astronomers. Someone suggested simply circulating an announcement that I’ll be in a certain place at a certain time, like a student union lobby or coffee house. This seems way easier and cheaper than renting a meeting room. What sort of times and places do you think would, and would not work?
weekday midmorning
weekday midafternoon
weekday evening
weekend midmorning
weekend midafternoon
weekend evening

The next several are probably Las Cruces, NM, and the Texas cities of El Paso, Fort Worth, and Dallas. In late February, Florida, then a bit northward from there.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Best wishes,
normsperling [at] gmail.com

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